The history of BF-Akku high-performance batteries begins 2008.

Rather randomly, when we have been asked to develop an extreme light, low-maintenance but still very robust and reliable starter battery for a world champion team of the international motorcycle scene. The instability of the up to date used lightweight batteries led repeatedly to the disqualification of the motorcycle racing team. 

So we developed a completely new concept and the first BF-Akku high performance battery was born in close collaboration with the professional champion team. The concept worked because our battery held the professional requirements a full year and no maintenance or replacement was necessary during all this time. Since then, we are the exclusive supplier of this team for high-performance batteries and are pleased for each retracted victory!

Then our concept became self-perpetuating, because without advertising and rather than as an insider tip we were almost overrun by development and recognition and BF-Akku in professional racing has become one of a well-established partner of the scene!

Because of the unique efficiency and power of our high-performance batteries, we support and supply international professional racing teams around the world with our customized batteries:

  • Formel 1 der Rennboote
  • Formel 500 der Rennboote
  • DTM - Deutsche Tourenwagenmeisterschaft
  • VLN
  • GT3
  • GT4
  • Rallye Dakar
  • Fia Formel 3
  • GP 2
  • BOSS-Serie
  • Int. Bergrennen
  • Moto GP
  • SBK World Championship
  • IDM

In addition, our batteries are used for military applications and robotics. The positive feedback of our customers and the ever-growing demand is a clear indication for us, that our concept works and gives us the motivation to develop continuously more application possibilities.

Everywhere where it really matters, everybody relies on the excellent quality, as well as the know-how of BF-Akku high-performance accumulators.


All BF-Akku high-performance batteries are developed with a depth of production by 90% in our factory in Germany and handmade assembled.

Entirely according to your wishes and of high-quality components at the BF-Akku battery manufactory you will find the appropriate high-performance battery for your individual application.

From the outset we set the objective to develop robust, lightweight and also low-maintenance batteries. Under the name of BF-Akku we have launched the production of high-performance battery systems in unique quality with our unique concept.

Our specially developed innovations include:

  • Battery housing made of carbon
  • Ultra-hard heat-resistant coatings
  • Special low-vibration materials
  • Individually tailored and application adapted production of electronics

that we have protected by numerous patents, utility models and designs.

We have the entitlement to be one of the leading companies in the field of research and implementation of new materials, processes and individual solutions of the high-performance battery industry.


Our passion is based on our philosophy to optimize the existing, but always to keep moving for new innovations and opportunities.

Stagnation means reduction and closing the eye for further development. Our goal is to keep our innovative mobility in the focus and to meet the permanently changing requirements with high quality, functionality and reliability of our products. This is reflected among other things in the above-average and low-maintenance durability of BF-Akku batteries.

We are always endeavoured to produce only batteries which meet all expectations of our customers in quality, functionality and design or even exceed. Depending on the customer needs, the more individual they are, the more it excites us to plan a project and to implement the project into real.