About BF-Akku Extreme

BF-Akku stands for an unique concept of development and manufacturing of high performance accumulators as well as for premium requirements on quality, technique and endurance.

Our 7years+ experience of development, production and sales of special accumulators for professional racing teams combined within an innovative, ultra-light weighted starter battery for professional operations under extreme conditions, no matter where: on the water, on the road or even up in the air.

BF-Akku batteries are always on the cutting edge of LiFePo4 storage technologies. Our many years’ experiences and know-how and the findings from the ongoing collaboration with the leading international professional racing teams form the basis from which we have developed the symbiosis of energy density combined with the highest level of reliability and quality of each of our starter batteries. All BF-Akku Extreme accumulators are suitable for installation and operation in all standard alternators on cars, boats, planes and motorcycles.

BF battery extreme batteries are acid and liquid-free and can be installed in any position. You can replace a common OEM battery by a BF-Akku battery and thus achieve a much more reliable and long-lasting functionality at a fraction of the weight and size.

Developed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our manufacture any BF-Akku extreme accumulator is subjected individually for a final quality and functional check of the control engineering as well as for the cells. Thus we guaranty a faultless functionality of our high performance accumulators. Before leaving our manufactory finally an optical quality check is done by our quality team.

Our aim are highest standards regarding manufacturing quality and used materials from control electronics to the carbon house.


Benefit from a unique quality on the cutting edge of technology.


  • Replaces the original starter battery plug’n’play
  • No charger needed as charging electronics are integrated
  • Variable mounting in any position is possible
  • Maximum durability due to innovative housing and intelligent charging electronics
  • Extreme lightweight fabric CFK-Material


  • Various performance classes (1-2 / 2-4 / 6-8 and 10-12 cylinder engines)
  • Operation on all popular automotive alternators to 14.4 V
  • Tested in professional racing, DMSB and FIA
  • Assembly is position independent and even possible inside the vehicle
  • Applicable on land, at sea and in the air


  • Acid-free and free of heavy metals (RoHs)
  • LiFePO4 cells are almost completely recyclable 
  • At least 5 times longer lifetime than lead / acid-based starter batteries
  • Defective cells and electronics are individually interchangeable
  • Weight savings = ressource savings = valuable time savings


  • Safe LeFePO4 technology, no fire hazard due to constructional design (intrinsically safe)
  • Electronics with additional thermal protection from overheating 
  • Housing acts as a safety tank against thermal / mechanical damage
  • Special fire-retardant insulation material