The Components

Every part that we use for your high-performance accumulator corresponds to the very highest standards of quality, functionality and durability.

Battery Cells

Our battery cells come directly from the production to the factory and are checked and monitored immediately upon receipt. Each cell of a BF-Akku battery series is selected individually according to voltage, tested and individually coordinated at the manual merge.

All components of a BF-Akku battery have been developed in Germany, produced and composed also. For this the highest quality accessories are most important since our quality is your safety. Rely on the high quality standards of the BF-Akku battery series "Made in Germany".


We use exclusively housing made of carbon, which can be individually polished - depending on the customer requirements - from our technicians by hand or sand-blasted. Of course combinations of different finishing techniques are also possible.

Our carbon housings are made from high-strength carbon fabric that provides maximum heat resistance and tensile strength and is therefore designed for extreme requirements. On request, we offer also housing made of aluminium or armoured plastics.

Electronic and BMS

We love batteries, especially the lightest! The carbon housing of the BF-Akku battery represents the face of this battery however the cell is the heart of a BF-Akku battery that gives you reliable and equally life. For your BF-Akku accumulator we provide you an extensive selection of high-quality cells individually processed on request.

But never forget the command centre of a BF-Akku battery which is also at a very high quality level. Our electronics, as well as the BMS (Battery Management System) is manufactured in Germany in small series and individually matched to your BF-Akku battery.

Connections / Poles / Cables

The connector builds the communication between the battery and the consumer - also here no compromises should be accepted. In addition we offer you a variety of different high-quality connections for your BF-Akku battery, which firmly binds the respective consumer of your BF-Akku battery and ensures the reliable and high performance power. This optimization will be the finishing touch. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and each battery is only as good as their connection to the consumer. The offer starts at the classic Rema-connector with special cable (black/red), goes over brass poles with M8 screw connections and ends at the massive, from the full machined brass poles.

Where milliseconds decide about winning or losing, highest quality is needed. That is exactly what BF-Akku stands for: High Performance Batteries handmade in Germany!

1kg CFK versus 5kg steel

Why BF-Batteries are that lightweight...

The decision using conventional materials or CFK (carbon fibre) depends on the specification and requirements of the specific application. Finally the weight, strength and the needed performance are the crucial features for deciding to choose CFK battery finally.

Comparing with conventional batteries and same total weight you can achieve a fifth time higher stability and performance which means the other way round by only one-fifth of the weight you can achieve the same performance. 1 kg carbon fibre replaces 5 kg of steel. Advantages of CFK-materials are:

  • extreme stiffness and stability
  • low mass
  • corrosion resistant
  • vibration resistant
  • extreme low thermal expansion
  • very high conductivity
  • radiolucency (x-ray)
  • free style features
  • excellent fatigue limit
  • elegant design with visual CFK layer