Frequently Asked Questions

To get you a better understanding of how we work and what we can do for you, we collected some questions and answers for you.

What is a lithium iron phosphate battery?

The lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LiFe PO4) is a development of the lithium-ion battery, in which the conventional lithium cobalt oxide cathode was replaced by a lithium iron phosphate cathode.

Characteristically for LiFePO4 batteries are the very high charge and discharge currents, excellent temperature stability and very good durability.

Why choosing a lithium iron phosphate battery of BF-Akku Battery?

In order to ensure a more consistent and reliable performance of our batteries we use only certified cells of A-quality. Each cell is individually tested and tailored to their voltage and internal resistance matched and manufactured to a high-performance battery

What are the advantages compared to other battery technologies?

There is no fire hazard as all our batteries are intrinsically safe! Our BF-Akku Extreme batteries pass the so-called "nail test" (mechanical damage by penetration of a metallic pin into the battery interior / casualty simulation). They are less sensitive to deep discharge and overcharge and enable very high charge and discharge currents at a significantly higher frequency compared with standard batteries. Moreover, even under extreme conditions the use is possible and functionality is granted, for example at the Spitsbergen Expeditions (up to -24°C) or at the Dakar Rally (up to 40°C or even more).

How is it possible that a much smaller and lighter BF-Akku Extreme battery can replace conventional large and heavy starter battery?

The unique technology of LiFePO4 cells allows a 95% energy use. For lead-based batteries there is only a usage of about 30%. Due to the sharp drop in voltage characteristic for the discharge of a lead-based battery the remaining energy is already very low and no longer sufficient enough to start the vehicle. The voltage characteristic curve of the BF-Akku Extreme battery, however, remains nearly constant over the entire discharge process. Even with an almost empty BF-Akku Extreme battery you can start your vehicle reliable.

Why it pays to invest in a BF-Akku Extreme Battery series, as in a much more favorable starter lead/acid-based battery?

Please be aware, that this investment is weight focused, since every single pound which has not to be accelerated or decelerated, is crucial.

For professional racing sports every millisecond counts, every hundredth of time can make the difference between victory and defeat. Less weight means brake later and to be able to efficiently accelerated. Winners will get substantial sponsors, losers just get a smile.

BF-Akku is benchmark and significantly leader for lightweight construction accumulators of highest quality and reliability for years. International leading racing teams and world champions use our BF-Akku Extreme battery series, although there are competitors which offer cheaper and sometimes even batteries of lower weight. What matters is our premium quality, which guarantees reliability. Our batteries are perfectly adjusted, not an ounce too much for perfect performance!